fresh and funky!

time has soory! not for whom may be reading but for myself. haha! what to say what to do i dont know.

Im in turkey again, but not for long i think. Thou i have a lot of trouble to deal with im quıte pleased. Jobbless and boyfriendless but at least not homeless!

I guess i can declare myself as an officiel member of the PISS AND MOAN ABOUT EVERYTHING club. but thats ok. I cannot pay the fee for the membership for much longer i suppose!


finns inget mer att säga....

Days of the glorious mist!

nu kanske du jag siter här o kan inte sova igen! just ja, swenglish.
you may wonder....but im sitting here and i cant sleep as usual! And I came to think of the glory days of Banhof Bar...lovely times! young, resless and on op off the world=) not that im so old now....and most times I still feel like 18 (fridays and saturdays) ...ööhhh....enough nostalgic.

I want to show u something!                                    at workshe likes me!
look a her face when Zied tryes to take her!!haha!! Im the queen!!

just thougt it was funny=)

OCH TILL SIST                                                       SOV GOTT!!! SLEEP WELL!!!

Fete stekar långhelj!! (fat fried weekend!?)

It started on a cold thursday afternoon. Me and my father was drinking Efes(!!!) and eating file oscar at Resturang City mitt i city. stek....anyway I ended up with Richard and his friends, lucky for me cuz i really wanted to get drunk! Went to hbg and I swear la cardinal in cursed!! every time we get there something strange happends, this time my top broke..didnt matter, i was to drunk to care=)
got home: 08:00

Richard calls 11:00!! I slept for 3h and then they want me to come for breakfast...Im stupid enouh to get up! still drunk and smelling like a toilet! The day passed...the beach, mc donalds, torstens...and then 19:00. Time to go home and change so I can get to Lotta and get drunk once again! I had one beer...enough!! the eventuall results:
Me and lotta dancing on the bar while the tender soaks us with water...we are proud.
oh right...I end up with Erik and Jocke, fett steking efterfest!
To bed: 06:00
awake: 11.30
Got home: 12:00 SATURDAY! here I come!

Drinks att the swimhall! with lise ofcourse.......Pladask i badhuset! Then we where of to Top Spin and had really cheap beer!! and med some really nice people (male ofcourse)haha! Saturday much like friday ended up in a very thick mist!
Its monday today....soon it will be thursday again=)


Minnen från 07

show på Perissia Hotel i Side

Så här såg det ut efter mycket om och men!

The Beginning, It takes a fool to remain sane!

Okay! This is me, Elena and Elina. Untill I was 19 I was Elina but when I moved to Turkey I became Elena. I still dont really know the difference between the two and who I am the most...they blend into eachother sometimes. Im not a freak.Im not russian.and im not that confused!
To you who knows me only as Elena: My name is Elina
To you who knows me only as Elina: My name is Elena to

Ive been working with Animasion in Turkey/Kusadasi for 2 years. If youre thinking about movies now you are wrong. Animation is a mix between service and entertainment in a hotel. Its the most demanding job I have ever done! 15h a day 6 days a week for 8 months=) Elina would never do it, but Elena did! This year Im having my own dance-group and I dont have to do the slave job in the day. (All respect to Animators all over the globe) I love animation but im a dancer, and at this point in my life I would rather be a stripper than an animator!(sounds like a dinosaour, animator....) =P no serious!

It was not all bad though, I met the love of my life in Turkey! Zied Laribi, hes tunisian and I love that. He has been by my side for 2 years, and both Elina and Elena has been by his. Its hopefully going to be like that forever! ofcourse its complicated to mix our different cultures...But thats non of your buissness!haha!

Thats it for now! May whom ever you belive in bless your soul...

Sleepless in a small city

Hej! Hi! Merhaba!

Kan inte sova så jag tänkte att jag skulle skapa en ny blogg eftersom jag har glömt lösenordet till min andra! Tänkte skriva på engelska åxå så att alla förstår, men ja e för trtt för att försöka stava rätt. god natt

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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